Repubblica: Thohir “No ultimatum to Mazzarri”

Repubblica: Thohir “No ultimatum to Mazzarri”
November 10, 2014 10:07
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In an exclusive interview with the newspaper La Repubblica, Erick Thohir attempts to set the record straight over rumours surrounding the future of Inter coach Walter Mazzarri. “I never gave an ultimatum despite reading about it often. I repeated the same thing six or seven times and I will do the same with you. I initiated this project with Mazzarri and so he can feel calm. It takes time in order to develop a plan but at the same time you must get results. If we continue to get negative results we will discuss it between us as we always do. The current injuries have hurt us but the team is good.”

Source: La Repubblica

Author’s note: Please bare in mind as this was published this morning the interview was before Verona. Nothing may have changed but it’s worth noting.

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