Mancini’s pre-derby press conference: “Tomorrow I want to see the real Inter”

Mancini’s pre-derby press conference: “Tomorrow I want to see the real Inter”
November 22, 2014 14:53
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The derby is a special game, what’s your feelings about it?

“My feelings are good, it’s an important game and the feelings are the same as they always are before a derby. It won’t be easy, Milan is a great team but we have worked hard. We will do our best.”

What team have you found at your disposition?

“I have found a team in good conditions without any problems except some injuries. We have done a good job, but four days aren’t many. I’ll be able to do more with the time but I need more games to get to know the players better.”

How does it feel to hear that everyone did the same thing as Juve in Calciopoli and that Inter approfited from it winning a scudetto:

“For me it’s a thing that’s way to long back to discuss. Also Inter responded to those statements and I just want to focus on the field, winning games and playing football. The others things are a part of the past.”

Milan thinks that a new coach at Inter could mean more problems for them..

“Changing coaches isn’t always good for a team, though when a new coach comes in there’s almost always a first reaction and spark. Milan knows that they will play a derby where everything can happen.”

Was Inter’s problem mostly mentally ?

“I don’t really know, I haven’t been here for long. But in our job the enthusiasm and happiness is very important and that’s why I’ve been working on it. If you don’t have it, it’s hard to do well and get the most out of the group. And this is the reality in every job, not only football”

Are you amazed with Inzaghi as a coach?

“As a player, he was extraordinary and he has now a great opportunity as a coach, even if he’s young. Although he could have a great future”.

Do you see yourself in him?

“When you are in the beginning of your career it’s not to easy. You think that you know everything already, that is the limit with young coaches, it takes time to be a true manager”.

Will you be touched by the return to San Siro?

“Absolutely, I can’t hide from that. Returning where you have already been and done well is great. I think it’s obvious I will have strong feelings when I return to San Siro.”

What derby is the one that you remember with most joy? Is the third place a challenge or is it to much pressure?

“I’m not used to fight for the third place. We can’t watch the standings and we need to wait a while. We will try to do our best and we will see at the end. My favorite derby is the one we won with 4-3, though all derbies are great. Even the ones we lost because we are talking about a great game of football.”

Can the new defense make Milan give you problems?

“Mazzarri is a great coach and I don’t think that changing the defensive formation will be a problem. And also I think the discussions about this are a bit exagerated. Juve won the league with a 3-5-2. All the games are hard and that goes for the game tomorrow night as well. Our tactical adaptment won’t change a lot of things.”

Is Guarin closer to the goal an option for you?

“In my opinion Guarin is a great midfielder and he needs to be good both offensively and defensively. He has great characteristics and can also score, he will be important for us. He needs to be ready to do everything.”

What do you think about Agnelli’s statements?

“I, Repeat, Those things happened a long tome ago and Inter have already answered. I only want to talk about the current events, We know what behavior we had”.

If you were a player, what would you like to get from you coach? What do you think about Thohir after your meeting?

“To play from the start (laughter, ntd). I had a good feeling about Thohir, we talked for about 30′ minutes. We need to know each other better”.

In what can Kovacic improve?

“He has a great quality, we can not think about that he never will do anything wrong. He needs more time. We are working with him, and help him with some occasions. He has to try searching for the net”.

What’s his best position?

“When he’s close enough to defend our goal, but he also has to help out in the offensive play. If we want grow we need that as well. He is certainly a great player i front”.

Have you found your vice-coach?

“We had different solutions and some of them were without the coaching license. We still need to value the situation and it isn’t a very important and urgent matter to solve.”

What would you like to see from the team tomorrow?

“I’d like to see a real team on the field, even in the difficult moments. I want the team to be ready to show at the stadium what we have worked on during the training sessions. It won’t be easy, but we will see what happens in the end.”

How will your midfield be, do you have any problems at the wings?

“I haven’t yet seen Medel since he arrived late. I need to wait and see for Hernanes because he isn’t 100 % fit and I also ned to get to know him. I hope that everyone on the field will be able to give their all and we will try to play good football. We’ll wait to the last minute to see if Hernanes can play.”

Will this be an offensive derby? At Inter few players have been attacking the spaces and how is this resolved?

“We will have to try to let a few goals in and this will be a hard and long work, which we in the end will succeed with. Both teams are good in the attack and for us it’s fundamental to have players who attack the spaces. Today it’s hard to win titles if the team is not adapted to an offensive football.”

Which is the best role for Hernanes? And if you could choose between Veron, Mihajlovic and Stankovic who would you choose?

“They are great players, and we have to work quickly since the season has been started a while ago. Hernanes is a great player technically wise, I have to talk to him to understand what’s the best position for him. He can’t play in all roles, he can score and we need those kinds of players.”

What do you think about Nagatomo?

“It’s a player who can run and he is very nice guy. He can be very useful for us offensively. ”

Galliani proposed a mixed Milan and Inter team that would represent Milano in matches against other teams, who would be the coach. Mancini or Inzaghi?

“We’d do 45 minutes each.”

Who can be your “old” Stankovic in this squad?

“We played together, I have coached him and have known him for a long time. Here the same situations doesn’t exist. I hope to find a profile of that kind”.

What is so fascinating about the “Derby della Madonnina”?

“The two teams have always fought in the top, current situation is just a coincidence”.

Would it be easier to reach the third place with Cerci in the team?

“I haven’t seen him, is he around? I think that it’s better to think about the players at disposition and getting the most out of them.”

Have you had any difficulties in preparing the team with the four man defense after a season and a half with a three man defense?

“The 3-5-2 won’t change a lot of my ideas, and then it depends on the players. If they say that they want to play with a three man defense, there won’t be any problems for me.”

Is making your debut in a derby positive or negative?

“I’ll be able to respond after the match, it’s a great game which gives great emotions.”

Is there any player from the past that you would love to play tomorrow?

“Inter is a team that has won everything and we could take any player. I don’t think errors were made, our job is to give the team the maximum and to give the players hope. They are all good, we need to start out well and work hard.”


The article has been translated by Christopher Hansson and Siavoush Fallahi

By Editorial Staff


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