Kuzmanovic: “Europe is as important as the league”

Kuzmanovic: “Europe is as important as the league”
November 25, 2014 16:17
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Interviewed by Sky, Zdravko Kuzmanovic is optimistic regarding the future of Inter in an interview with the Serbian midfielder after the derby against AC Milan: “It was important not to lose the derby, but we always want to win all the matches. But we did not succeed. After a few days with the new coach we tried to do what he asked. We can surely do better, but for a first game it went pretty well.”
Regarding the third spot to reach the Champions League: “Yes, we still believe in it. I’ve always said that we have to focus on one match at a time. Now we are facing a very difficult challenge in Thursday’s Europa League match to close in on the first place. We want win, Europe is as important as the league. Then after Thursday we have a very difficult match against Roma. Let’s see if we can get a good result away.”

No victories for a month: “It would be very important to win in Rome. The victories are very important, that is why we play, it’s all that counts. We have to win, Thursday as well as Sunday. We need points and we have to get them, that is what we are here for.”

Mancini: “Everybody knows him, he is a great coach, he always won something where he went. He tried to give confidence to us players, he is clear in how he wants us to play. We listen and we must continue to do what he is asking. We work hard and good, something that he certainly calls for is attention, we play fast and go forward. We have to get used to him, always stay focused. I try to do what he asks me, I listen to him every day and I’m learning. Now we still at the beginning together, but with him you can learn so much over time.”

On his position he adds: “I like to play in front of the defense, I have to play faster and have the play already in our heads, to make fewer touches. I try to do it in training. A player always wants to play and give his best, even with the former coach I have always given 100% and then he put me on the pitch continuously. I did well, it is easier than waiting to play once a month. Everyone is working now, focused, everything starts from scratch with a new coach. It shows in training that everyone goes hard and 100%. So far it’s positive.”

Source: fcinternews.it

By Olof Svensson


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