Zanetti: “The pride of wearing Inter’s shirt is important”

December 2, 2014 20:29
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'Che Tempo Che Fa' TV Show - May 25th 2014
Like every year, the former number 4 of Inter, Javier Aldemar Zanetti ‘salutes’ all the friends and supporters of the Fundación PUPI, sharing his thoughts about the current moment of the team at the end of the evening, in view of a transfer market that could in bring new faces to coach Mancini in January. Here, the words of Inter’s Vice President reported by our partners at FcInterNews at the ‘Mercedes’ of Milan. He, of course, started by talking about the significance of the event.

What will be the next objective of the Foundation?
“Like every Christmas I salute our friends, our backers whose support to the Foundation is never missing. They constantly demonstrate their sensitivity. We want to grow and help these children on a human level, with those values that will accompany them forever.”

What is your thoughts after the defeat against Roma?
“Inter will grow, we faced a team that is doing well, and not only this season. We have to start from what we did well. Mister Mancini is a great worker and, together with the club, will do his best to do well.”

Could Cerci be for Inter?
“All the names that are mentioned are important. The club will evaluate what is needed, talking with the coach after the next games.”

Even Lavezzi and Lamela are appreciated…
“I reply as I said before. They are big names who would be liked by all clubs, they are great players. Soon we will evaluate.”

On Sunday Udinese with Stramaccioni and Stankovic will come.
“We’ll be very happy to see them again. They are working in this very positive experience and I’m sure they will do well. Obviously not from Sunday. I will definitely greet them.”

Are Icardi, Kovacic and Handanovic the future of Inter?
“They are very young players, I think we definitely will focus on them. The most important thing is that everyone is proud to wear this shirt. At the base of the future there must be values”.

Are you surprised by the impact of Osvaldo?
“No, because he has great qualities and I knew him for a long time. Maybe he’s a bit ‘crazy (laughs), but will prove his value.”

What is the position of Inter on the goal-line Technology?
“The most important thing is that you do something to improve the sport. In this way we welcome the novelty.”


By Olof Svensson


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