Primavera Tim Cup: Inter eliminates Fiorentina

Primavera Tim Cup: Inter eliminates Fiorentina
December 3, 2014 17:57
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Inter faced Fiorentina away today in the Italian Cup for the U-19 teams. After 90 minutes the game went on to extra time. The extra time was even between the games even though both teams came close to decide it. In the penalties Inter won with 5-4 and the nerazzurri advance to the quarter finals where they will face Roma.

The penalties:

1. Mancini (goal 1-0) 2. Peralta (Radu saves 1-1) 3. Chiesa (Over the bar 1-1) 4. Diakhate (outside of the goal 1-1) 5. Masciangelo (goal 2-2)

1. Dimarco (goal 1-1) 2. Palazzi (Bardini saves 1-1) 3. Puscas (Over the bar 1-1) 4. Bonazzoli (scores a chip 2-1) 5. Rocca (goal 3-2 Inter wins )

Worth noticing is that Puscas missed his third penalty in a row.

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