Rumor: Contacts between Balotelli and Mancini for January. Napoli in race as well

Rumor: Contacts between Balotelli and Mancini for January. Napoli in race as well
December 3, 2014 14:30
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Balotelli and Mancini

Should the opportunity arise the player in question would certainly not say no. This is the current scenario regarding Mario Balotelli and the opportunity to once again put on the Inter jersey. The player from the Inter youth section who in summer passed from Milan to Liverpool for a sum close to 20M€ has not convinced the Anfield crowd, the start of the season has been a particular one for Liverpool. And for Balotelli it has become more complicated due to all the talk about him off the pitch as well, something that has been a constant through his career so far (the last one being the Instagram post that was later removed that caused a stir and accusations of racism and anti-Semitism). Voices and rumors where too many regard him off pitch, and too little on it. This has caused to speculation about him leaving the Premier League at the next transfer window with Inter being an appreciated option. Without a doubt.

According to sources that FcInternews have been in contact with Balotelli has been in direct contact Roberto Mancini as soon as it became official that the coach was returning to Inter. This brought out the will of the player to return to Appiano Gentile should the possibility arise to try yet another comeback after the disappointments in the World Cup and in the EPL. Coming back to familiar ground where he won the scudetto 2007-2008 with Mancini as coach is seen as a way to return to the top. At the moment it is premature to talk about a deal closing considering the high costs of the operation (6M€ salary and a high transfer fee), these costs could hinder the return of the player to serie A but who knows. Sporting director Piero Auslio might try for the loan option. But this isn’t all.

Napoli is also said to be monitoring the situation with close attention with president Aurelio De Laurentiis being the one most kee on the possibillty to sign Balotelli. The dream of the Napoli president would be to be able to bring the talented Liverpool player to his team. An interesting scenario should both Inter and Napoli make actual moves to sign him, then Balo would be in a situation where he at least on paper would have to take a difficult decision. A difficult decision on paper only, since there really would not be a choice; he has an unconditional yes to return to Inter and coach Mancini.

source: fcinternews



By Olof Svensson


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