Daily Express: Kovacic available, for just £10 million?

December 4, 2014 08:34
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British ‘newspaper’ the Daily Express has published a story claiming that Inter’s Mateo Kovacic could be available for the bargain price of £10 million. The article whilst claiming Kovacic to be a ‘superstar’ and ‘one of Serie A’s biggest talents’ states that the sale will be forced due to the youngsters reluctance to sign a new deal with the Nerazzurri. Apparently Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool have all been told the player is available for transfer. On top of these ‘facts’ the report then goes on to claim Italian sources have reported that Inter will accept the £10 million in order to finance bids for Liverpool’s Fabio Borini and Lucas Leiva.

Source: The Express

Author’s comment: I have partly put this up for your amusement but also to illustrate how football ‘journalism’ works. As you will see, there are very few actual facts in this article and the Premier League agenda to unsettle a European based player with talks of financial uncertainty comes shining through. No source (Not even TuttoSport!) in Italy have ever claimed Kovacic to be worth £10 million, in fact the opposite, constantly stating that Inter have refused all talks below €30 million. I still find it amazing that ‘journalists’ get away with stuff like this but thought it might interest some of you.

By Editorial Staff


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