Stramaccioni: “Juve-Inter or Inter-Udinese? The latter because…”

Stramaccioni: “Juve-Inter or Inter-Udinese? The latter because…”
December 10, 2014 16:27
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In a lengthy interview with Messaggero Veneto, Andrea Stramaccioni spoke on the his victory with Udinese on Sunday night at the San Siro against Inter: “Hard to keep the cool? No, because my respect for the reception was due. I am not Dejan Stankovic who won everything with Inter, I was there for two years and the ending was not positive. In the end I was very happy, to be clear. ”

But between victory in Turin in 2012 and this, which do you choose? “That on Sunday evening. Because at the end of the first half nobody would have bet a penny on our victory. In Turin, Inter played well throughout the match, in the comeback by Udinese there are so many more things: the ability to react, not to settle. We gave answers to our defects.”

Regarding the victory on Sunday as a possible turning point of the season Strama adds: “I don’t know. This team could be criticized for not playing for points. I would like to stress that at the San Siro we finished playing great while having six players on the pitch who were returning from 120 minutes in Coppa Italia.”



By Olof Svensson