Di Gennaro: “I am an Inter fan”

December 12, 2014 22:40
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Raffaele Di Gennaro


The Latina goalkeeper Raffaele Di Gennaro spoke at a press conference earlier today about his feelings for Inter, from which he is currently on loan. Here is what he said, from TuttoLatina.com:

How does Raffaele change from the goalkeeper to the fan?

“I get as mad when Inter concede a goal as I do when it happens to me personally. I feel strongly for both Inter and Latina, I am on loan here and I have been 10 years there (at Inter). I’ve gone from the youngest levels through to the Primavera, but I like it here as well.”

From the Next Gen winning team there is only one player in the first team, why is that?

“We often ask ourselves that, the big teams rarely field a youngster. They prefer experience and in my opinion they should not. They need to rely on more youngsters, we all know what the audience is like. If a young player makes a mistake he is attacked more than when an experienced player does it. More courage is needed; if you decide to play a young goalkeeper as the first choice then you have to say that he is the started no matter what. You need to show confidence.”

Are the European Championships and the Olympics the main goals?

“I think about the present, we need to take back what is ours. This is not the way we should play our season, we need to pay more attention and be in the right condition to take heed of the details. Especially on set pieces. If before we had to be 100 percent concentrated now we need to be at a 110.”

By Olof Svensson


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