Mancini’s press-conference ahead of Chievo Verona: “Balotelli? I support him, we will fight for Champions League”

Mancini’s press-conference ahead of Chievo Verona: “Balotelli? I support him, we will fight for Champions League”
December 14, 2014 13:45
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Roberto Mancini is holding a press-conference a head of Chievo Verona in the halls of Angelo Moratti sporting center in Appiano Gentile. Here are his words:

What kind of reaction do you want to see tomorrow in Verona?

“First of all I would like to talk about Europa League. They made a great match and I want to compliment them. It will be a difficult game tomorrow, but we have to continue to our own path, Sure we lost against Udinese but the we are on the right way. We will perform well in the future, We must do something special and continue like that”.

Where does Inter has to develop to get a result tomorrow?

“We need to keep the match in our own hand as much as possible, the team must keep calm and after seeing them work for some time now, the boys has a lot to give. We will give satisfaction within limits. but these moments when you are searing for changes you need to know when to react. I’m convinced”..

How much is Hernanes missing?

“He has experience and quality, but he has to find and reach his condition and not be able to lose it for another time. But that isn’t concerning just him, because everybody has a lot to give, even more than have been shown so far”.

Have you heard from Balotelli lately?

“No, The last time we heard from each other was almost two years ago, I think”.

In a return to Italy would you like to help him explode?

“I’m one of his fan, and I would like to see him happy, and leaving some part that doesn’t count a side”.

How is Jonathan?

“He isn’t ready, He won’t play tomorrow, We have to discuss again after Christmas”.

What plans do you have for the upcoming transfer market?

“The budget doesn’t concern me much, I have to think about the team and what to do there. Some intervenes will probably be done, i don’t know who will arrive, but the club will act.”.

Which tasks will Sylvinho have?

“He can’t play unfortunately (Mancini laughs). He is young, we have worked together in Manchester, He has played in many important teams and he will be very useful for us”.

How is Palacio? Will he do a certain job in the near future?

” have to thank him that he’s available to me, He has an ankle problem for some time now, after the World Cup he hasn’t been 100%. If we had more players he would probably been able to be make himself fit before playing games. But once again I have to thank him for being there even if the goal not yet has come. I hope he can heal completely during the holiday and that he will continue play well. We have to many players that can score, which can lead to that some strikers doesn’t score as much”.

Glancing at the table, is it just to define tomorrow’s game as a finale?

“We need to get results and continue on our own idea if we want to undertake a project. Clearly we have to change something. We can not win when playing awful and without an idea of an own structure of play. But this no. The game won’t be easy, Chievo is in a positive vibe but once again it depends on us”.

Are you noting a sense of surrender from your young ones? We remember the words of Kovacic post match Inter-Udinese…

“Kovacic said somethings and I can think about them. He is young and they are sometimes saying whats in their head, which could be right, He talked well with clarity”.

Do you insist to play a certain formation also to give confidence to those who enters the pitch?

“After 10 minutes in the second half the team was to long and we allowed to Udinese to do 3-4 counterattacks. Inter has to be more courages while attacking and remaining on a high standard. What’s really counts is the attitude, I can also change the role for some players, but nothing really changes”.

Guarin and Icardi may leave? How would you react on that occasion?

“I don’t believe that will happen thou, We must reinforce with some players that we are lacking. i’m convinced that this squad can reach a Champions League position”.

FcIN- Waiting for the draw in Europa League, are there any teams that could be avoided? Considering that Liverpool and Villarreal can inspire one to revenge?

“When looking for revenge you usually lose, There are some strong teams no doubts about it, but everyone must fear Inter as well. It’s a long time to February and my team can only improve”.

What things do you think about when you are saying that Inter can reach Champions League?

“It is the first time that I see many things that my boys are learning in a short matter of time. I’m convinced that we could fight for the third sport in Europa League. The spectators can not give up hope, and always keep their chin up. This is the ground base of doing something well”.


By Christopher Hansson


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