Yann M’Vila, a player that Inter did not benefit from till now as he has struggled both under Mazzarri and now Mancini because his physical condition is not optimal. He cost Inter €1.2 million per year, that’s €2.4 million for two years to be paid for the French side, plus one million per year for Rubin Kazan who owns the sporting rights of the midfielder.

To summarize, in one year, there are €3.5 million to be paid next June or the midfielder will go home, if it’s extended for the second year as the contract says, that’s €7 million over two years for a player who didn’t play 2 full games till now, Inter coffers cannot withstand such a sum now. Not to mention that there will be €9 million to be paid at the end of the two years to buy the player, but that’s unlikely to happen

Source: FCInternews.it