Ranocchia: I’m glad Inter depended on me

December 23, 2014 20:32
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Andrea Ranocchia spoke to Inter channel looking back on his year as the Inter captain:

Let’s start with the rumors of last January

“It was a turbulent time because I did not know what my future holds for me, every day I am linked with a different team, but fortunately I stayed here and I am happy for that even if the previous months were difficult, I continued to train hard till I got the chance to enter the formation again and never came out, The funny thing is that I could have ended up at Galatasaray who at that time was coached by Mancini. Instead, after a few months, we both ended up here. Things went well.”

How do you see last season especially being back in Europe?

“The goal was to return to play for a continental competition, since we came from a difficult year in which we finished the season in ninth place, it was not easy, because it has been a year of great change, changes continued after this season with the departure of so many of the Nerazzurri legends, we learned so much from them in training, they always had a higher mental level than us which was critical for newcomers, what impressed me the most beyond their great professionalism is their desire to always win.”

Now you are the captain after the departure of Zanetti.

“It is not easy to be compared to a player like Zanetti. He is unrivaled for his presence, quality and victories, but I’m glad that the team depended on me, like I always have, I try to do my best. I’m trying to put my mark, I have a lot more responsibility but it is a role that makes me proud and I like it. Soon will start my fifth year with the Inter shirt, I was lucky enough to train and play with the champions of the treble, who taught me the meaning of these colors, now it’s my turn to pass it to others.”

How does the change in coach affect you?

“It’s a complicated time because so many things had changed but I have changed many coaches in my career, you have to adapt to new methods in training but that’s football and we have to adapt.”

Source: FCInternews.it

By Marwan Salama