“Inter will not offer Icardi around and not even propose him as a bargaining chip,” writes the Corriere dello Sport.

Kovacic has been deemed the only untransferable player should adequate offers arrive. Icardi could only leave if a massive offer arrives, and then he will be negotiable.

“Guarin however, after dealing with the situation in the next few hours with his agent despite the estimation of Mancini, in all likelihood, will be offered between England, Spain, and Germany. What happened Sunday night when he was replaced versus Lazio is not to be neglected. San Siro booed him hard and he responded with applause, which was not conciliatory but controversial. Even last year something like this had happened, but time had sewn up the tear. Now the situation is even more complicated.”

The paper went on to note that Nemanja Vidic and Yann M’Vila are both in the same boat. They both wish to secure starting spots and prove their worth, but could leave nonetheless.

Source: Corriere dello Sport

Author’s note: I honestly think unless we get an offer upwards of €35 million, which is very, very unlikely, we must keep Icardi. He is simply lethal in the box, and I would really want to see what he can offer with competent attackers around him. I would not want to see him go any sooner than within another year or two, because he’s only going to continue growing. With the kind of sums other teams muster for lesser talent, we need to be getting top dollar here. Guarin however, I think has honestly had as many chances as any organization claiming to have any semblance of sanity can dare to provide before parting ways. He’s had his run, it’s been an absolute roller-coaster, but the lows were always steeper than the highs.

Vidic, I want to see play in place of Ranocchia, I really do. I think his biggest mistakes took place in organization on set pieces, and on dead-ball situations. Ranocchia has shown criminal incompetence during the flow of game, especially defending counters, and I believe Vidic would be much better in such situations. Given how assured and well-suited to Serie A M’Vila has looked, I would hate to see him leave so early. He needs to get in shape as soon as possible, because I think if that is done, his partnership with Medel in a 4-2-3-1 could be as great as any.

What do you think? Who do you deem untransferable? Did you know that is actually a word? I didn’t. How much would you demand for Icardi, Guarin, or Vidic?