VIDEO: Gary Medel’s hilarious Christmas dance

VIDEO: Gary Medel’s hilarious Christmas dance
December 26, 2014 08:55
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I just got done laughing. Two minutes later…

Below is a hilarious video of Gary Medel’s Christmas celebrations. Or perhaps it’s a new ab workout? Maybe he can pass it onto M’Vila so they can finally play together? You decide!

The video comes from his girlfriend’s Instagram account where she comments, “Having a Merry Christmas with the king of the stage! Hahahaha my crazy one, the joy of my life.”

Trust me, he is one of the only joys of Inter’s life currently as well… Source: Instagram/morawis87

Author’s note:¬†I don’t know about you guys…but this is DEFINITELY a move I’m going to be busting out at New Year’s parties and beyond. I’m tempted to say we should all upload videos of ourselves doing The Medel…or shall I say…Medeling.

Can ANYONE EVER¬†match the incredible level that was reached in this video? I’ll save us all the time, effort, and shame of defeat with the answer: No.

By Editorial Staff


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