CdS: Inter pushing Layún exchange for Botta

CdS: Inter pushing Layún exchange for Botta
December 28, 2014 09:58
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Corriere dello Sport took time to speak of Miguel Layún and a possible trade.

“Due to his characteristics, can also play in the attacking position and on the opposite end compared to his favored foot, exactly like Cerci, but (Cerci) clearly has more offensive characteristics,” wrote the paper.

“The last hypothesis, coming directly from Mexico is that of an exchange with Botta; the Argentine Inter loaned to Chievo has not had much luck. And being sent off in their match against Inter last December 15, he has certainly not improved the situation. The interest for Inter in Layun, however, developed primarily for his contract expiring in 2015. But at the prospect of seeing him leave for no cash, it would be in the interest of America to agree with the (Inter) leaders in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, bringing in exchange, if not compensation, at least a temporary technical counterpart, such as Botta.”

The highly versatile 26 year-old wing back has a Spanish passport which makes him an even more attractive prospect.

Source: Corriere dello Sport

Author’s note: Be right back, I just got so excited I punched a baby endangered Himalayan Dancing Fire Dragon in the face, ate Kim Jong Un’s 1/365th birthday cake, escaped on my magic carpet, came back to the US, looked at a police officer, got arrested and beaten until death, came back to life, and am now facing life in prison for two counts of “Criminal Being Brown While Making Eye-Contact With An Officer,” but my lawyer is the guy that defends Berlusconi, so I’ll just submit a press release, claim I’m just Italian and not brown brown (like every ex-patriot Iranian ever), sort of apologize, get pardoned, get plastic surgery, and be back at my lake Cuomo villa just in time to leave the gun and take the canoli.

Not really, but that’s more interesting than what actually happened, aka sort of nodding my head while reading that^ news. But at least you know how excited I would be about such a deal right?

Are you err…excited as well about this report?

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