Kubilay Turkyilmaz: Liverpool doesn’t suit Shaqiri

December 31, 2014 07:42
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Xherdan Shaqiri is a target for numerous top clubs around Europe.  The current Bayern man has been granted the right to leave the club should an appropriate offer be made.

Former Swiss international Kubilay Turkyilmaz warned Shaqiri that a move to Italy or Liverpool could prove disastrous:

“England would suit Shaq more. They are less obsessed with tactics there, but a move to Liverpool right now could not be more unsuitable.  They are in a crisis and cannot really have any ambitions this year. Joining them from Bayern, who expect to win titles every season, would be a culture shock.”
Turkyilmaz then went on to talk about the current state of Serie A. He also argued that the Italy does’t suit Shaqiri:
“Not only because Serie A is the weakest of all the big leagues, but above all because they play so tactically there.  When I look at the clubs who are interested in Xherdan, there are clear preferences for me and Juventus would be a disaster.”
The former Swiss striker also stated that La Liga would be an ideal destination for Shaqiri:
“Atletico would be a good destination, on the other hand. In the Primera Division – the strongest league in the world – they play a highly technical possession-based football. Atletico play fast counterattacking football and that would be perfect for Shaq.”
Source: Express.co.uk

Author’s note:

I must say that Turkyilmaz’s arguments and statements are agreeable to a certain extent.  The current state of Serie A is certainly very poor compared to other top leagues in Europe.  Liverpool might also not be an ideal destination due to their current form this season.  The comments about the Spanish League being “perfect” for Shaqiri could in fact be true.  Although Atletico de Madrid play a football that would suit Shaqiri well I don’t see why the Rojiblancos would be interested in signing the Bayern man.  Atleti currently have an abundance of talent in Shaqiri’s position with players such as Koke and Griezmann making up the attacking midfield roles. Hopefully Shaqiri doesn’t acknowledge Turkyilmaz’s words.  Inter need a player like Xherdan Shaqiri.

By Editorial Staff