Sky Sport 24: Thohir going all in for Shaqiri

January 1, 2015 21:28
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Inter have decided their number one objective in January: Xherdan Shaqiri.

The Bayern winger was first thought all but locked by Juventus. Before long, Inter and Liverpool swooped in at the 11th hour to keep the race on. Sky Sport 24‘s Mario Giunta reports that Shaqiri’s ability to play in Europa League is a tipping factor to signing him. Thohir also believe the Swiss international to be the perfect fit for Roberto Mancini’s vision to take the team to reaching the Champions League. He is thusly convinced and willing to do all that he can to sign the winger ahead of the stiff competition. With Podolski’s deal very possible, but complicated by Wenger for now, and Salah not Mancini’s top preferance, all firepower is being focused on the Shaqiri front.

Source: Sky Sports 24

Author’s note: I just want to quickly add that while Thohir will do all he can, because of FFP, that does not mean he will instantly splash cash. Unless of course if he can show proof of income to offset that. To date we have no reason to believe that Inter can spend €16 million in cash in January, although some reports claim the president will do so if unable to land Xherdan on loan. The operation would still fall under loan, but this time with an obligation to buy, instead of an option like so many others we negotiate for.

Are you hopeful about Shaqiri? Are you skeptical? Are you refusing to give yourself any hope for fear of your heart being torn out of your chest and thrown into a blender when Juventus announce a deal with him? Let us know!

By Editorial Staff