LIVE UPDATES: Podolski’s arrival at Inter

LIVE UPDATES: Podolski’s arrival at Inter
January 2, 2015 21:47
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What a day, eh?!

Here you can find all the updates on Lukas Podolski’s arrival in Milan and his statements tonight!

21:40 CET

Picture from Linate of fans awaiting the German just minutes ago from @Guglicannavale on Twitter.


Podolski has landed in Milano!

21:48 CET


Vine from Guglielmo Cannavale of fans chanting “Segna a Torino, Podolski Segna a Torino!” Meaning “Score in Torino (against Juve)”

21:50 CET

Podolski arrives in Milano wearing an Inter scarf! UNO DI NOI!

21:55 CET

Podolski to Sky: “I spoke with Mancini, I think he is a great coach. I wanted it, and I’m happy to be here. I know the Serie A, it is a competitive league. I want to help to get into the Champions League this year. Message to the fans? A big Forza Inter to the fans and I hope we have a good season!”

21:55 CET

Podolski surrounded by fans and media via Guglielmo Cannavale.

21:58 CET

22:05 CET

Inter officially posts the first picture of Lukas Podolski on their Twitter page!

22:13 CET

We “LIKE” your transfer too!

22:15 CET

More pictures of Poldi as he leaves the airport. Pending a medical, he is an Interista.

22:25 CET

It seems after Poldi left the airport, fans that were gathered to welcome the German, decided to take the time to show who they would not welcome back: Mario Balotelli. They chanted against the player that disgraced the club with antics in 2010 and made it clear they would not take him back.

22:41 CET


All seems quiet on the Podolski front…for now, the next bit of news we are awaiting is that of his medical.

Here are the latest official Inter images of the World Cup winner:

He came, he’ll see, he will conquer.
“I’m way too high right now to deal with this guy behind me.”
“Man…I better segna a Torino…what if I don’t…”
“LOL JK, screw that, of course I will.”

23:00 CET

Seems as though Poldi is as much of a hit with the ladies as the guys. Hopefully his wife is not reading this right now… via Enes Salihović.

23:30 CET

Wrapping up our Podolski night coverage here, and we’ll leave you with this song to get stuck in your heads for now:


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I’ve been Mahdi, and you’ve been amazing. Congrats on a great day, and hopefully we’ll keep the great news coming for you to read!

How do you feel about his arrival? Do you think he’ll start against Juve?

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