Ferrero: “Thohir? I would have expected more from my colleagues”

January 3, 2015 17:42
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Today a long and interesting interview with the president of Sampdoria Massimo Ferrero was published in the newspaper Il Messaggero. The theatrical Sampdoria president is keen to point out that: “Then there are colleagues who make jokes about my character. I would have expected more from them. Regarding what? No one defended me when I was referred to. I just wanted to be grateful for what Moratti has done in football and that thing on Thohir was just a joke. If the Inter president was born in Nice and I had said throw out that Frenchman I would not have been punished. No one in the League has opened their mouth, they don’t care. As they do when something happens that does not concern them personally. I can not wait to be judged. It’s called the court of appeal, but I have already served a month. Different standards that has to be changed.”


By Olof Svensson