Giuliani: “Mancini influenced Podolski 99%, he’d never go to Mazzarri’s Inter”

Giuliani: “Mancini influenced Podolski 99%, he’d never go to Mazzarri’s Inter”
January 3, 2015 23:37
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Nicola Giuliani is an important name in the deal that brought Lukas Podolski to Inter, having served as an intermediary for the Nerazzurri. And through the microphones of the Gianluca Di Marzio site, Giuliani tells some background of the deal:

“The operation was born from the desire of Roberto Mancini to have a strong outside attacker. I am on good terms with Podolski’s agent and I immediately let Roberto know that I could give him a hand to take Podolski to Inter. Even Ausilio immediately agreed and the deal went immediately to the right direction. It was also the first real market operation with Mancini at Inter. The parts were well-versed, worked calmly, and avoided the high risk of an ascending price auction.”

Giuliani does not deny the influence of the new Inter coach: “I do not hide that the presence of Roberto Mancini as Inter coach had been crucial up to 99% for the choice of the player. With him, the club hired a winning image. I do not hide that were it the old Inter (of Mazzarri) the player would not have moved. I am convinced that Inter has made one of the best shots available on the market and I do not think it will stop here. Italy needs to bring champions at this level back to Serie A. He’s a player with certain issues (play time) and I think that Inter was the perfect bond. Inter are definitely going to be able to use him for their recovery in the league.”

Inter are wasting no time ensuring all the documents are ready from Arsenal in order to have the player available against Juventus on Tuesday.

Author’s note: I knew this had to be a big part of it, and here is confirmation. To any who were wishing Mazzarri stayed…


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