Pedullà: “Inter’s strategy against Liverpool for Shaqiri, Lavezzi…”

Pedullà: “Inter’s strategy against Liverpool for Shaqiri, Lavezzi…”
January 3, 2015 22:47
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“Inter are hurrying. As reported last night, they have set their sights on Shaqiri, and perhaps Juve are finally off the radar (and have in fact started the assault on Sneijder).”

These are the latest updates on the Shaqiri situation coming from journalist Alredo Pedullà.
“Now we need to see the green light of the owners that could come in the next few days. That is to ensure Bayern of the obligation of purchase of at least €13-€14 million to foil the Liverpool onslaught that has fresh cash immediately available. The will of Shaqiri, which is towards Inter, has meant that so far the Swiss (without definite choice), is more so in favor (of Inter) than the British. Now, Inter are making the moves very quickly. The situation could change however only if PSG liberate Lavezzi, one of Mancini’s goals. But it is clear that Inter can not wait on the decision regarding Pocho, so the mission is Shaqiri with intention to take him early.”


Author’s note: Can we all sign a petition to Thohir letting him know we will all buy Shaqiri jerseys if we sign him? That way, he can bank on a couple million more than whatever Liverpool offer? It is important to remember that Inter will only aim to spend for Xherdan starting this summer, and the rest over the next two years.

What percent chance do you think we have of signing Shaqiri? And do you think the club has the right policy making Shaqiri the priority right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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