Suarez: “Juventus v Inter is a special match”

January 3, 2015 18:20
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The pictures may be in black and white, but the memories live on in glorious black and blue. There’s one match that Luis Suarez, stalwart of La Grande Inter side, remembers more clearly than all others. For him, and for so many Nerazzurri fans, 22 October 1961 is an unforgettable date.

On that day, Helenio Herrera took his Inter side to Turin’s Stadio Comunale and emerged with a thrilling 2-4 victory. Unsurprisingly, Suarez’s name was on the scoresheet as the Spaniard grabbed the Nerazzurri’s second goal of the game. For Suarez, playing Juventus was never just another game: “Both sides really felt that rivalry. It was a special match.

“Il Mago would invent something new each week – he never did like routine. He used to get us so pumped up until we were right on the limit. The day before the match, he’d say ‘you’re better than them’ or ‘we must win the league’. Of course, we did exactly what he said,” explained Suarez.


By Olof Svensson