FcIN: Mancini’s formations, & what fascinated Poldi during Appiano tour

FcIN: Mancini’s formations, & what fascinated Poldi during Appiano tour
January 4, 2015 15:23
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There is great optimism at Inter.

Lukas Podolski could sign tomorrow morning as the papers are being finalized today by the Inter lawyers. In the mean time Mancini trained today using two different systems. One in which a playmaker played behind two forwards (likely a 4-3-1-2) and a 4-2-3-1 with attacking midfielders playing behind Mauro Icardi.

Quickly acclimating to the climate, Podolski toured Appiano Gentile, where he was immediately greeted by Mateo Kovacic and Zdravko Kuzmanovic. Both players conversed with the former Bayern man in German and showed him around. He was particularly fascinated by a picture of Ronaldo and Baggio standing next to each other years ago at Inter. We should know by tomorrow morning whether or not the world champion will be ready to be in the squad against Juventus. Should he be, expect him to come on as a substitute.

Source: FcInterNews.it

Author’s note: I love how dextrous Mancini is with using different systems, while still keeping a certain playing style. Something we never saw under Mazzarri. I also love that it was Kovacic and Kuz showing him around, as one is our best player, and one is the team funny-guy. Kuz will especially help Poldi as he speaks fluent German from his youth and time at Stuttgart. I’m not even surprised that Kova speaks fluent German, as I think we’ll slowly find out he’s also Superman.

What system do you want Inter to use against Juventus? And what do you think about Poldi’s tour of Appiano and his reverence of Ronaldo and Baggio?

EDIT: Even though I wrote his bio editorial piece when he first arrived, I completely forgot where Kovacic he was born…Austria. And Kuz was born in Switzerland. Forgive me of that. Obviously they speak German…

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