Must read: Pedullà – Shaqiri rejects Liverpool to “wait for Inter”

January 4, 2015 16:53
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Inter fans; we have just the news for you. Liverpool fans, unfortunately not so much.

Alfredo Pedullà reports about Inter’s dealings with Bayern given the Swiss player’s wishes.

“Shaqiri reiterated to Inter to be willing to wait, with all due respect for Liverpool who seeks him. Inter have ensured that in a few days they will try to find an agreement with Bayern,” he wrote.

The player wants Inter, and this could be the tipping point. Mancini is now reportedly in contact with the player as well. Source:

Author’s note: I might have a heart attack by the end of the week over this deal.

How do you feel about this news? Does this deal seem any more possible to you? Any Liverpool fans reading? If so, do you take Pedullà’s words to heart or do you think this is all just part and parcel of the silly season?