Mancini’s Pressconference for Juventus vs Inter

Mancini’s Pressconference for Juventus vs Inter
January 5, 2015 13:23
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The day before the big match in Turin, Roberto Mancini spoke to the press:

How do you beat Juventus?

“You have to play very well to beat them. We will see, anything can happen. This game is a classic.”

What do you expect from the match tomorrow?

“We must keep in mind that we are always Inter. We must have the Inter mentality.”

What is Podolski’s situation now?

“We have been preparing for the game without him.  If his transfer is completed then he will start on the bench.”

How is Palacio feeling?

“He has been enduring an ankle problem, but I can see that he is getting better.”

Will tomorrow  be a turning point?

“A victory would be the best possible result, during the season there are many important games that feel as if they are worth more, these games can raise our confidence.”

After signing Podolski do you want another player?

“I would like two wingers.  He [Podolski] is a very good player who will help us a lot. He still has many years ahead of him. He is only 29 years old.”

Is Shaqiri the ideal player for Inter?

“Yes, he could be. He is at Bayern Munich , a very important club and he is a player who could do the job well.  He is a player for the future.”

What is Hernanes’s best position?

I am not sure if we will play a 4-2-3-1, if we sign some new players we will find the perfect formation.  He [Hernanes] is a player who can cover every midfield role. The important thing is if he is feeling well.  He is not at 100% now.

What formation gives the team the most stability?

“The 4-3-1-2 formation is the best for the team.  It is clear that we need to work on some things.  It is not easy because we do not have a lot of time”

What do you not want to see tomorrow night?

“I do not want to see a team that thinks that the match is impossible.  I want to win.”

In terms of conceding goals, what can you say about this match?

“The strength of the team starts from the defense. If the defense is compact then the team can focus more on the offense.  Gradually, I hope that things can improve in this aspect even more. We must not make mistakes and have fear.  We have been improving, but it is also clear that you need to be compact in big matches.

Conte joined Juventus in a time of difficulty, then they became great.  Is this an analogy with this Inter?

“The lack money analogy? (Laughs). I do not know the details very well, but it is obvious that with hard work you can win. The chances of returning to greatness depends on the work we do.”

What impresses you the most about Juventus?

“They have great players and made one of the best signings in Pirlo.”

Is there a big gap between Inter and Juventus?

“I do not think that the gap seems too large, they [Juventus] have deserved their recent success.”

Will the consistency  of the match be important?

“When we start the game well it means that we have learned something.  We need consistency for the whole 90 minutes.  I repeat, it takes a lot of work.”

Will it be more important to stop Pirlo or Tevez?  This is also the only game between two coaches who have already won the Scudetto: what does it mean?

“I hope Ancelotti and Capello return (laughs). Coaches are emerging at a younger age now. I hope that Italian Football can return to the state of a few years ago. Tomorrow Pirlo will be Juventus’s biggest threat.  Carlos is also very dangerous. He [Tevez] is unpredictable, and has scored a lot of goals.  Juventus play well, we will have to be perfect to beat them. ”

Will you get a new player by Sunday?

“This does not only depend on us. We hope that we can do things quickly.”

What do you think of Podolski and Shaqiri?

“Shaqiri is another option for us, but I do not know what will happen. Podolski has played for Arsenal. He is an important player.”

How is Vidic’s situation.  How is the defense in general?

“Vidic was not doing very well.  He has also not played recently. Now he is doing better. Juan Jesus might play left-back but it is not his best position.”

Lavezzi and Susic are two names that have been linked to Inter.  What do you think of the latest developments?

“It will be very difficult, we will see what will happen to the PSG player.  Susic has a lot of quality and could be a solution for the future.”


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