LIVE UPDATES: Shaqiri arrival in Milano

LIVE UPDATES: Shaqiri arrival in Milano
January 8, 2015 21:38
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It is time!

Xherdan Shaqiri will land in Milano and we are here to gather and present all the latest pictures and updates from Malpensa as they arrive!

21:25 CET

Interisti gathering in anticipation. Credit: Fabrizio Romano

His flight will arrive at 21:49 CET. Credit: Fabrizio Romano

The numbers keep growing. Credit: Guglielmo Cannavale

21:35 CET

More. Credit: Pasquale Guarro

21:38 CET

Vine from Matteo Spaziante of fans singing in Malpensa.

21:44 CET

Vine from Matteo Spaziante

21:45 CET

Guglielmo Cannavale

21:55 CET

Shaqiri has landed and here is his newest song! Matteo Spaziante

21:58 CET

Tifosi gathered as the plane lands! Mattia Spaziante

22:15 CET



22:18 CET

Uno di noi!

22:25 CET

The chants continue! via Mattia Spaziante

22:25 CET

CHI NON SALTA…. As he tries to leave. via InterData

22:30 CET

Shaqiri: “I love these fans, amazing, amazing, FORZA INTER!” 

22:30 CET

Shaqiri mobbed by hundreds of Interisti. via InterData

22:32 CET

Shaqiri: “I want to play Sunday.” 

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22:45 CET

More pictures incoming of our new star. Man those colors look good on him.


Inter’s first official pictures of our star!

Shaqiri: “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy!”  :’)

23:30 CET

President Erick Thohir via Inter’s official Twitter:

Erick Thohir: “I’m happy about the fans’ enthusiasm for #Podolski and #Shaqiri. I’m sure they’ll do very well for us #FCIM” 

Erick Thohir:”I wish #Podolski and #Shaqiri a warm welcome. ForzaInter forever! #FCIM”

23:52 CET

That looks to be all for tonight folks. Thank you for staying with us and your kind words! We cannot wait for the signing and the upcoming game. Stay with us for those updates tomorrow! I’ve been Mahdi, and you’ve been amazing. Forza Inter! 

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