Berni: “Not sure if Kovacic learned Italian thanks to me but we do room together so…”

January 9, 2015 19:40
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Appearing on InterNOS, Tommaso Berni spoke live to Inter Channel as he answered the viewers’ questions. “If I hadn’t become a footballer, I’d have travelled a lot, that’s for sure.”

“You need to let yourself go when it comes it comes to languages and not be afraid to make mistakes. Portuguese is difficult.” He then spoke about his spell abroad: “Football is a lot of fun in England and that’s how it should always be.” Then coming back to Inter: “I train to make the first team. The coach picks the side and I accept his selection with a smile. I like being in the group and being a team player. It doesn’t matter whether I play or someone else does, the desire is still the same. Mine was the first contract dropped off by Piero Ausilio in 1998 if I’m not mistaken. It was great coming back here, I couldn’t believe it. It was an emotional moment when I signed. If I’m honest, it was a dream to come back.”

“When I was at the academy, I saw Ronaldo train. It was amazing, I was very yong and I remember it well: it was brilliant, what a player!”

Berni then came back once again to his return to Inter: “It was amazing because I’m always smiling. I always come to work with a real hunger to train. I knew Carrizo and Handanovic and it’s fun training with them. When I was a kid, I actually played up front.”

On the subject of front men, he gave his thoughts on Shaqiri: “Great players are always welcome.” Then goalkeepers of course: “Handanovic is such a well-rounded goalkeeper, great in all departments. It would be great if Neuer could win the Ballon d’Or for what he achieved with Germany. It would be an award for the whole goalkeepers’ union.”

“I’ve got a great relationship with all my team-mates. I’m not sure whether Kovacic has learned Italian well thanks to me but we do room together so…”

“I’m a big music lover, now vinyls are back in fashion and I’m looking for records to add to my collection. My passion for music comes from my older brothers.”


By Olof Svensson