New Shirts for 2015-2016 Leaked?

New Shirts for 2015-2016 Leaked?
January 21, 2015 03:07
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There are currently images circulating around the internet that claim to be the leaked versions of the shirts that Nike has made for the Nerazzurri will wear in the 2015-2016 season. The shirts continue the trend of reimagining the Inter shirt and both are very different from anything we have seen in the last few seasons. The images included in this article were located on “”. The above jersey is a mainly white away shirt with blue on the shoulders and down the sides. This shirt is slightly reminiscent of the 1996-97 Umbro kit.

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Moreover, the home shirt departs even further from the traditional vertical striping with a thick horizontal black and blue striped shirt. This shirt is similar to the horizontal striped shirts that Inter sported between 2004-2006. However, it is important to note that these versions are only rumoured to be leaked versions of next years shirt. Time will tell whether this is true or not.


Editor’s note: Personally I am not particularly fond of either shirt. I prefer the traditional vertical striping and have always loved the look of a shirt with a collar. I would have loved to see a completely black version of the Europa League shirt that Inter wore this season. Clean, collared and simple. What do you think about the above shirts? What would your ideal Inter shirt look like? Let us know below!

By Joseph Postorino


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