Reggiani: “Neither Osvaldo nor Pereira going to Boca Juniors”

Reggiani: “Neither Osvaldo nor Pereira going to Boca Juniors”
January 22, 2015 20:10
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The countdown is coming to an end, waiting for the ideal solution for his future. Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, in all likelihood, will say goodbye to Inter after the episode in which he was the main character along with Mauro Icardi and Roberto Mancini during the match against Juventus last January 6. There are many teams that have shown an interest in him lately and among these is also Boca Juniors, which dreams of landing the rockstar from Buenos Aires. Xeneizes would also like to sign another player still owned by Inter, currently on loan to São Paulo: Alvaro Pereira, the Uruguayan left winger who wants to leave gus current club.

To talk about this and much more, our partner interviewed Ivan Reggiani, market consultant of Boca Juniors for Italy, who makes an interesting anticipation of the future of two Argentine players currently in the Serie A Italian.

Pablo Daniel Osvaldo now seems to have his hours counted at Inter. Could the Italian-Argentine attacker be an option for Boca Juniors?
“The club likes him very much, but the costs would be very high. Boca Juniors does not forget and always takes account of the players who have worn our shirt or who sympathize with our colors, but Osvaldo remains a discussion virtually impossible.”

So you exclude to 100% a future Osvaldo in Buenos Aires?
“Yes, I repeat: it will be impossible to see him dress up in our shirt. The discussion, however, is different for two other players who are currently playing in the Italian league.”

Can you reveal their names?
“I speak of Nicolas Burdisso and Carlos Tevez: they will return to us when they deem it appropriate.”

For Osvaldo the situation seems clear. Alvaro Pereira: What can you tell us? Could he be an opportunity for Boca Juniors? We know that Estudiantes and River Plate are also interested in the Uruguayan winger.
“All three Argentine clubs have the same economic problems. The Brazilian market is out of reach for the Argentine clubs, we are getting weaker in this regard. Alvaro Pereira would like Boca Juniors because the club is important and known worldwide, but the economic aspect falls outside the motivational.”

A loan is to be excluded?
“Even a loan would be a costly issue that Boca could not deal with. We want 80% of the players who played in the Italian league, but the economics holds us back.”

So the number 6 of São Paulo will not go to Boca Juniors?
“Yes, I can deny this rumor. The Xeneizes would not have the strength to support a purchase on this level.”

Are there players who could be useful to Italian teams?
“There is not much choice at the time, apart from two players in particular: I talk about Emanuel Gigliotti and Federico Bravo who I follow very closely. They are two young players (an attacker born in 1987 and a midfielder born in 1993, ed.) The latter one is certainly a player with prospects.”


By Olof Svensson


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