Stramaccioni: “The call from Ausilio and the meeting with Moratti…”

January 24, 2015 11:43
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“My story is the realization of a dream.” This is the beginning of the story of Andrea Stramaccioni, the protagonist of the episode of ‘Saranno Signori (Del Calcio)’ which will air today on Sky Sports.

THE DREAM OF STRAMA – “The World Cup in 1982 at the age of six, struck the spark, the love for the sport. I did not have a family that was particularly attentive, in general, to the sport. In 1982, this spark is struck: from there, first the football as a player, the auditions, the entire journey and then the sudden interruption of a part of the dream, at 19 years. But as they sometimes say, ‘when one door closes another one opens’. The little dream of a coaching career started. From the pitches of the land, via AZ Sport and managing to enter San Siro, April 1 many years later, it was the realization of a dream.”

THE CALL FROM MORATTI – “We landed in London on Monday. Honestly, I woke up a few hours late, because of the night. I found lots of calls from Piero Ausilio, I called him back and said, ‘Director, what has happened?’. He said, ‘The president has gotten a strange idea. If you were to call…’. And I said, ‘But for what?’. He said, ‘He plans to give you the first team’. I found myself in a legal office and there was a table with an empty seat in front of president Moratti. Marco Branca, Piero Ausilio and Angelomario, the president’s son, were also there. He began a long chat of almost forty minutes in which we spoke of the first team, how I would have had them playing if I had been the coach, a nice chat at the end of which he lowered his glasses a bit like he did, and said, ‘Look, I don’t give a damn about what they will think, you are the new coach of Inter’. And I fell off the chair.”

THE PRIDE OF UDINESE – “The call from Gino Pozzo at Udinese was a source of great pride for me. Attracting the attention of a club like this, for a young coach like me, means everything. Udinese is the symbol of organization, and planning. The words of Gino Pozzo were proof that someone had enjoyed my journey, my work on the pitch. Someone who had been able to remove the problems outside the pitch at Inter from what I had been instead as a coach.”

THE BENCH OF AS ROMA – “As a child I was a Roma fan, I had a season ticket for Curva Sud for ten years and I don’t deny that, because I think it is stupid to deny yourself or your past. In Rome, I have my family, I have my life, I have many friends, surely one day in my personal life, not football life, I will end up there. it is, however, something too big now. But it’s not a lack of ambition, I am proud to be at Udinese now. It is normal if one day this possibility were to happen, it would be a great satisfaction. However, I don’t know why, but being Roman and Roma coach has always been a difficult combination, Because being Roman and working in Rome is not always easy.  ‘Nemo propheta in patria'”.

THE DREAM CONTINUE – “I have really focused a lot on my dreams. Now the biggest dream is to be in Serie A. Coaching Udinese is a great pride.”