Fassone: “You can’t change everything in an instant, the work will pay off”

Fassone: “You can’t change everything in an instant, the work will pay off”
January 25, 2015 18:52
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“You have to think positive, although it is not so easy after a knockout. Mancini was very good at communicating the message after the game: the work will pay off. There are some corrections to make, the important thing is the mentality: the objectives are still within our reach and we can go far.” Inter CEO Marco Fassone spoke to Inter Channel after today’s match.

“It doesn’t rain, it pours when it comes to injuries, but we are waiting for evaluations to see whether other actions are needed on the transfer market. The work to date has been shared with Mancini and Thohir. Three important arrivals. Brozovic? He is a great player. Midfielder of quality, a national, with very important prospects. He fits the standard of the players requested by the president. Tomorrow we will complete everything to make him available to Mancini from Wednesday. ”

The fans are back at the Meazza. “We are satisfied, we know how difficult it is to bring people to the stadium. Today was the perfect day, with sun and kick off time at 15:00. It was an invitation to come and there was a lot of enthusiasm. I’m sorry, but I am convinced that we will return soon to give satisfaction to our fans. We must have be reasonable, knowing that you can’t change everything in an instant, but also that the points available diminish with the passing of the days. Therefore we must find the right gear as soon as possible.”

A very active final week on the transfer market? “Well yes, Ausilio works all day in this direction. There are restrictions for the UEFA list for EL regarding the changes to be included and therefore it would not be appropriate to add other players that will not be able to play in Europe. We will not make operations just to add more names. We’ll be ready in case of occasions, but Inter’s transfer market is already of a high level.”

Source: fcinternews.it

By Olof Svensson


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