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January 31, 2015 13:40
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Roberto Mancini held a pressconference ahead of tomorrow’s away fixture to Sassuolo in the 21st round of the Serie A. gives you his entire pressconference in English below.

Are you optimistic about recovering any players tomorrow?

“We have problems in our defense, I hope to have Ranocchia back although we’re thin in the full-back position to. We’ll think of something.”

Tomorrow an important new cycle will begin. Is this the moment to take the next step in terms of quality?

“Well we already started to against Torino even though it ended badly. You need to have a bit of luck in football too, we hope to do well even tthough Sassuolo are astrong team.”

Do you expect a step foward in terms of the character and personality of the team?

“Everyone is improving even though the victories have been few. I am very optimistic about the future, I want the team to improve all the time. We’re growing in defense.”

What do you expect from the remainder of the transfer market? Can Cassano be useful?

“We haven’t spoken about his role and this is also because we’re concentrated on other areas and roles.”

Can Podolski play as alone striker?

“Absolutely, he has the experience as he has played in this role before.”

Does Icardi remind you of Adriano and Balotelli?

“There are players who at a very young age are regarded to be very good, but then they don’t continue down this path. i’m convinced that Icardi will become a great striker. It all depends on him of course but he has the quality to do it. Today we can’t consider him to be on the same level as Tevez, Aguero or Ibrahimovic.”

What purpose has this week after the Torino match served?

“The players can take a leap forward in quality and i have noticed the growth. We just have to score goals and also use our brains properly. There are players here who can change a match.”

Why do you think that some players fail to do so?

“I am convinced that they will, they have the quality to do so.”

Regarding the transfer market, do you need a striker or a second striker? Do you like Rhodolfo?

“I’ve followed the Brazilian defender for a long time. Before we can think of our attack we need to look at other positions.”

Why is Bonazzoli potentially on his way out?

“He still hasn’t left as he’s still here with us. Sometimes we have to find a formula that is compatible with the Financial fair Play rules. But I repeat, he is still here with us.”

Why did Obi play instead of Dodo?

“Because Dodo wasn’t feeling well after the match against Sampdoria.”

Do you see Brozovic and Kovacic playing together in midfield?

“Marcelo can be used in several different roles, even in a 3 man midfield. being young means that you can be used in several different roles.”

In your opinion does the team need a full-back that can send in good crosses?

“In the central defense position we don’t have to many players, so we ‘ll have to do something in this role, same thing applies to our midfield. The squad needs become more complete. We’re lacking in this area and not in attack.”

How many reinforcements do you expect to get by the end of the transfer window?

“I don’t know, we’ll see. Today and tomorrow we’re focused on Sassuolo, after that there are still 2 days left so we will see what happens.”

What about Sassuolo scares you?

“They’re very tricky, young and when they play against the big teams they go at their maximum potential. Their whole team is doing well so they have no pressure on them. Compliments to [Sassuolo’s coach] Di Francesco.

Can Lazio’s Ledesma be an immediate solution?

“I don’t think so.”

If they were to tell you on Tuesday that ‘We’ll give you Cassano’ would you say no to that?

“The problem isn’t that we have or don’t have Cassano or Balotelli….we would make a good mix [smiles]. The most important thing is to find a player that can give a hand to the team, also young players, talented players would do well. You also have to take risks when spending as you hope that the player will be good after a few months. We need to do something in those areas where our need is the biggest.”

By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari


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