Mancini’s post match press conference: ”I take full responsibility”

Mancini’s post match press conference: ”I take full responsibility”
February 1, 2015 16:33
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Mancini Salme

At the post-match press conference, Roberto Mancini analyzed the embarrassing defeat against Sassuolo.

You said Inter did not deserve to lose. What does that mean?

”Sassuolo play good football and are a good team but these matches can change in a whim. I think Inter did not deserve another defeat. That said, I think in Italy you have to change the attitude [of focusing solely on results].

FcIN – In light of the current standings, what is of more importance now – the Europa League or the third place?

”Better not to think about the Europa League because now we have to think about getting ourselves out of this difficult phase as soon as possible.

Inter are not doing well. Is it because of Hernanes’ absence?

”A player can influence a game at any time. However, to create chances we must reach the opponents box. At present, we find ourselves at the edge of the area, and we are unable to finish.

What happened with the curva after the game?

”I’m sorry when these things happen but the curva are used to suffering. I understand the fans who question the team as they are the same ones that love the team.

Do you think there is a problem of mentality?

”After so many years I don’t think this way. Fans are crucial for us, especially when things are not going well. We have to focus on the present.

What happened during the Vidic-Donkor substitution?

”We have not understood. It has to be an error or somebody’s incompetence.

You had a wry smile after the game, why?

”Because I was disappointed to not have recovered in the game.

Did you expect your work to be so hard?

”I have found a great willingness on the part of all, but in Italy all that counts is the result. Therefore, it becomes more difficult. We are here to improve the situation and I can say for the last two months, I take the full responsibility.

What should be done to inject more speed into this team?

”We have very fast players so the team is built on a certain physical level. We hope that our strikers can improve and we also need to start considering other solutions like playing on the counter.


By Swarup Pokhrel


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