Simoni: “Many errors, Ranocchia committed the decisive one”

Simoni: “Many errors, Ranocchia committed the decisive one”
February 5, 2015 20:15
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Trentino Team-Inter amichevole

Interviewed by Tutto Mercato Web, Gigi Simoni analyzed the game last night between Napoli and Inter: “Last night the team played well, not giving much to Napoli. The defeat came as a result of an individual error committed by Andrea Ranocchia, but if Gonzalo Higuain had not scored we would be talking about other things today. In 90 minutes many errors are committed, Ranocchia committed the decisive one, but he wasn’t the only one on Mancini’s team. What do I think of him? I think he is a great player. at times┬áhe even decided some games. The negative episodes should not, and can not, be used to make a definitive judgment.”

Does Simoni believe that the problems of Inter are only in the defense? “I think the problem is the team, not just in defense. If there are at least four or five champions in the squad and the rest is made up of good players then you can think of winning something, but in the case of Inter the champions are not there and that is why it is difficult to bring home the results. Even in the attack all rumors surrounding Icardi and Osvaldo are detrimental for the environment and to make matters worse, Rodrigo Palacio is experiencing his worst season in Italy.”


By Olof Svensson


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