Hernanes: “Now comes the moment of truth”

Hernanes: “Now comes the moment of truth”
February 10, 2015 21:09
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Speaking from the halls of the Hotel Enterprise in Corso Sempione in Milan, where tonight he received the ‘Premio Amici dei Bambini: un esempio per loro’ (Award Friends of Children: an example for them ed.), Inter’s il Profeta Hernanes wanted to express his happiness for the recognition: “It’s a very nice thing because children are the most beautiful thing in the world. I am very pleased to receive this award, I hope I can do more for them. this is a good start.”

After that he talked about the current moment and Inter’s victory over Palermo: “In football things change so fast. I will not even talk about the period before the victory because now it is in the past, now we have to enjoy this moment and demonstrate growth as a team. A positive result arrived and now we need to provide continuity because that’s what we’ve been missing, and that makes a difference. My condition? I’m getting better, I came from two months when I was sidelined, I started to play, and now I feel 100% fit to play. I’m fine.”

One question concerns the new signing Marcelo Brozovic: “He’s a good player, I can’t say he’s like Kovacic but we are there, he is a midfielder of high level. I was pleased to meet him and play with him.”

FcInterNews.it asks if the trip to Bergamo, the two matches against Celtic and the other away match against Cagliari can be crucial for the Nerazzurri’s season: “It is the moment of truth, we can’t make mistakes anymore. In these four games the team will demonstrate its value – the Brazilian states -. Is the Europa League the main road to the Champions League? There are seven ‘finals’, it’s a road that we are able to go. We’ll start over next week, the team is focused and confident enough to meet this challenge.”

He closed by talking about the relationship with coach Roberto Mancini: “He has been great because when he arrived I had been injured and he always let me play. So the relationship is of utmost confidence.”

Source: fcinternews.it

By Olof Svensson