On the sidelines of the event ‘TMW Awards’ in which he was awarded ‘Best Sports Director of 2014’, Inter sporting director, Piero Ausilio spoke to the microphones of journalists at Il Botinero. Here’s what he said:

Are you satisfied for this award considering also the liquidity difficulties in which you acted?
“It’s a satisfaction because it comes from fans, from people who follow an important site, an important channel. It’s people who follow football, is worth more because of this. And also because, perhaps, have gone beyond the results on the pitch. This here is perhaps an award for work that is the result of planning, teamwork, serious people, scouting, of youth, of the technical field. I take this opportunity to thank them, because alone I couldn’t do anything. The secret of a director is to have competent people close to you.”

What rating would you give your purchases in January?
“It is my pleasure to give ratings. These are all decisions related to planning. We signed the boys to be protagonists immediately, and they are showing it, but also people and footballers on which we have invested for the future. I think Brozovic, Shaqiri, Santon, as something that we have prepared for the future. With the exception of Podolski, who is on loan, they are all purchases. These are things that give me satisfaction.”

This is a job too tied to the results, both in the opinions and in the planning…
“Yes, this is a job that you can’t judge by a result. Play a great match, then get a corner against you in the 94th minute or a defender slips and everything that looks good seems thrown away. Together with the coach we are absolutely convinced that we have a good team that is putting important bases for building the future of Inter. We hope to get a lot of points in this season but the important things you will see in the future.”

Podolski and Kovacic in a friendly, today, were not brilliant. If it for the first may be problems with preparation, perhaps for Kovacic you can talk about lack of personality?
“The friendlies on Friday leave the time they find. It’s right to deal with someone else instead of the teammates or the usual workouts. Kovacic and Podolski don’t have to prove anything, they are important players. Kovacic is also young, but both have great talent and I’m sure that as early as the next matches they will return to make their contribution to the team as done to date. Kovacic is a great prospect, he has the eyes of the biggest clubs in Europe on him, but has recently renewed his contract and we hold on tightly to him. He is important to both the present and the future of Inter.”

At Inter there is a top player like Icardi. Does he deserve a top salary as requested?
“Inter doesn’t only have one top player. Inter have many good players and among them there is also Mauro. Icardi is young, he has signed a contract until 2018, we have every intention to appraise him both on the pitch and through a new contract. Things must be done in the right time and in the right ways. We are now concerned with Inter winning the matches, in which Icardi plays and scores goal and respects everything about Inter. The contract will be a consequence…”

If an offer came from Mourinho for the Argentine?
“At the moment there is no offer. We are focused on the present. We will face the future and the transfer market in due course.”

The question of renewal, in addition to the economic discourse, is also linked to the image rights? There is talk of a 50% that the player would like to keep…
“In reality, there are no particular problems. We met a couple of times and talked calmly. In the new course image rights are an aspect of the contract. Icardi has a certain image, in recent years it has been enhanced, and we would like to enhance it with him. The negotiations may last a day, a month, or even three to four in some cases, but it doesn’t change anything.”

Is Cassano an opportunity after the departure of Osvaldo?
“Our transfer market has ended ended on February 2 regardless of Cassano and other names. I read the names of released players close to Inter, in reality of injuries there are also other teams. We have a competitive squad and covered in every department. Nagatomo’s injury, fortunately, was mitigated by the arrival of Santon, thus we are not in any particularly difficulties. Shortly D’Ambrosio and Andreolli will return, We focus on the young. We are moving forward like this.”