Inter are going against one of their toughest opponents away tomorrow in Atalanta at Bergamo, here’s Mancio as usual, makes his entrance in the press room of the sports center ‘Angelo Moratti’ taking the microphones for the pre-game press conference:

Will the team succeed tomorrow?

“The players are getting better day by day and they always give me guarantees. Games can also be decided by little incidents, but the attitude is very positive and I am satisfied.”

How important is the challenge next Thursday in the Europa League? Will you rest few players tomorrow?

“For the moment, tomorrow’s game is more important and I do not think someone should rest, there is time to recover.”

How’s Podolski?

“Now his condition is improving and will surely give us a big hand in Serie A.”

Do you still believe in third place?

“I don’t ever give up, in football you have to do your best, now we think about Atalanta, then with a string of wins everything could change.”

Who is the last coach to have won in Bergamo?

“(Laughs). Am I? Balotelli scored I remember and played as a left winger, Vieri also scored there.”


“They come from an undeserved defeat, very solid team and it’s hard to play against them.”

Then, Balotelli was decisive for the Scudetto. Today who could do the same?

“The whole team can improve and all players can be as important as Mario was.”

The Champions League is essential to convince the big players to come to Inter?

“Serie A needs the big players to return to the top, which we have been in for 25 years. This is our hope and Yaya Touré is one of them, if we succeed it would be a great thing for everyone, but even if other teams bring in Italian champions.”

Team is struggling in away?

“I do not think there are many differences compared to playing at home. A great team has to have the same attitude everywhere.”

Santon and Brozovic are already starters?

“David has played 2 games in 4 days and I’m afraid I will need to rest him, but now we cannot afford it. On Marcelo, however, I would go more carefully, I have read that he has been compared to Stankovic, maybe one day he will be even better, but he needs to integrate and learn about Italian football. ”


“He’s always quiet, hardly cares about something. The joy, however, would not be a problem if he were to score two goals per game (laughs). I think that is a nice cheer for any player. Then, again, if he scored two goals a game and didn’t celebrate, to me that’s okay.”

Kovacic is training to be eclectic or specialize in a role? Could start tomorrow?

“Mateo is still very young and therefore does not have a well-defined role yet, his qualities allow him to be used in multiple roles, now he could play anywhere. To play in front of the defense he must also be more mature, it takes time.”

Icardi could catch his breath tomorrow against Atalanta?

“I do not think he can catch his breath, he is very good and I hope he continues to score, he should play.”

Worries about playing every 3 days?

“That does not bother me, it is better to play than train, the only thing that worries me is the fact that we have some injuries, we hope to play as much as possible.”

How much farther to see the real Inter of Mancini?

“I think it will take some time.”