Roberto Mancini spoke to Mediaset Premium after the successful 4-1 against Atalanta in Bergamo.

I’m very pleased with Guarin because he’s an amazing player, He only needed to find his confidence. This victory gives us some peace while preparing for the Europa League fixture. We still have a lot to work on and we can’t think that we have two victories in the bagage.  If Icardi will be available on Thursday? I believe so we tried today but it was better for him to recover since he was to weak to play.

Kovacic remains on the bench the last two matches where the Nerazzurri has won…

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, Matteo has also played well these last matches.

How about the objective for the end of the season?

Europa League is a difficult tournament this year. There are strong teams that played in Champions League, We need a bit of luck as well. We starts on Thursday and hopefully we can be make it to the final. In the league nothing has changed, We can see in two months where in the table we’ll be.

The teams starts to gain confidence..

We haven’t won in Bergamo for many years, but when you manage to get a result in a difficult match the confidence starts to increase.

How is Shaqiri’s physical condition?

He’s growing and he’s well enough.

Returning to the rebirth of Guarin..

There are things that doesn’t work for other reasons, The most important thing is that he has started to play, and if he score goals it helps us all a lot.

How is everything for the match against Celtic on Celtic Park?

Everyone is available, we have four days to recover and we’ll use them well.