3-0 at Palermo and 4-1 Atalanta: Has Inter found the key? Roberto Mancini, who commented on the success in Bergamo in an interview with Sky, hopes so: “Celebrate the  success? No, I talked to Icardi and I prefer not to celebrate (jokes, ed.) We are certainly happy, this is a difficult pitch and it is not easy to win here. We made too many mistakes even today, but I am satisfied. We had some trouble after taking the lead and I do not understand why. Then, after the 1-1, we took the ball and we kept playing.”

Guarin a happy note: have you worked in a particular way with him?
“It was strange before, when he could not express his quality. But I remember him from the past, he has always been a great midfielder. I hope he has found the key and gained confidence. He has always had the quality, we must not be surprised. Sometimes you can’t play well even for other reasons. We gave him confidence and he is paying it back. Score by aiming and not by force? No, no advice from me. I think a midfielder arrives in a position to score through play and not on his own. When coming from behind it is an advantage.”

Unlocked psychologically: the worst is over?
“No, I think not. Only two wins, it does not change much. There’s a lot of work left to do, it will be difficult and we could get even more disappointments, although we hope it won’t. For a while we have only been missing the results. Perhaps there in Napoli we got convinced that we can play, despite the defeat. confidence is the basis of everything.”

Do you need another defender? Will Felipe arrive as a free agent?
“We’ll see in the coming days. We are getting D’Ambrosio and Andreolli back, but it is rather a matter of numbers because we hope to move forward even in the Europa League.”

You have a scratch on your nose: is it from Andreolli’s shot?
“No, it is from the greeting of Osvaldo (laughs).”

Source: fcinternews.it