The mayor of Bergamo, Francesca Ferrandino, has prohibited those who do not carry Atalantina cards from entering the stadium. This means that Inter’s Curva Nord will not be present for the match in Bergamo.  Whenever Inter play in Bergamo, the away fans are escorted by the Slip Cgil police force.  The Lombary Slip secretary  Daniel Bena explained why there will be no visiting support for the match:

“The police force of the CGIL Silp totally agrees with the court’s ruling concerning the fan’s entrance to the stadium.  We stress that it is necessary in order to confront hooliganism.  This is because it is clear that there will be people in and around the stadium who will be breaking the law.  There might also be a misunderstanding, meaning that those who use sport to unleash intolerable aggression will be aiming it at the policemen who are only doing their job.”