Ausilio: “Bonazzoli? No regrets”

February 17, 2015 03:31
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Inter director Piero Ausilio has defended the sale of Federico Bonazzoli to Sampdoria.

Bonazzoli, 17, has been one of the protagonists in Inter Primavera’s Viareggio Cup success, making his transfer to Sampdoria appear like a blunder to fans.

Despite this Ausilio, who oversaw the transfer, has defended his line of action.

“Bonazzoli at that kind of money was an excellent opportunity,” he told

“You must read between the lines. In Inter’s new deals there is something like a gentleman’s agreement with the clubs that share the ownerships of our boys like Crisetig, Longo, Benassi and Bardi.”

“We sent them to clubs that would bring out the best in them and let them develop. But we have a purchase clause on all of them.”

“We learned from our mistakes and we know that in Italy it isn’t easy to develop as a footballer in the right way.”

“I don’t think we’ll have any regrets over Bonazzoli. Aside from the excellent relationship we already have with Sampdoria, we have also included a purchase clause in the deal.”

“Our coach Mancini always allowed for the debut of our youth players. Balotelli, Biabiany and Bonucci for example all started under him.”

“Now we have Dimarco and Baldini in the Europa League squad.”

By Editorial Staff