Murillo 1


Inter are set to sign Granada defender Jeison Murillo when the Colombian’s contract expires this summer.  Today, Murillo spoke to W Radio about joining Inter this summer:

It will be an opportunity in which I hope that I can make the most of.  It will definitely be different to Granada, because we are currently struggling to stay in La Liga and Inter is a team that aims to win trophies.  They have a different mentality, and I will have to adapt to it as soon as possible so we can set new goals.  It is humbling when a team like Inter is interested in you and trusts your skills.  I am still young and I am trying to improve.  The Italian League is renowned for having so many great defenders”

Murillo then spoke about his idols that played in Serie A:

“Obviously, it is easier to relate to players who come from the same country as you.  At first, Mario Alberto Yepes and Ivan Ramiro Cordoba are the idols I think about.  I grew up tying to learn about all of them.    There was also Thiago Silva.”

Murillo then talked about playing for the Colombian National team:

“I think that a player should know how to sieze opportunities that go their way.  It is currently a good time for Colombia because it is a gateway to Europe.”

The Colombian concluded by pointing towards the future, when he will be wearing an Inter shirt:

“The clubs already have an agreement.  I will end the La Liga season with Granada, then I will move to Inter in the summer.  I am still trying to grow and improve while I cope with the current situation and level of commitment.  I wan to win a lot with my new team, but first I have to focus on achieving salvation with Granada. ”