Forlan talks about his time at Inter

Forlan talks about his time at Inter
February 21, 2015 21:32
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Today, former Inter striker Diego Forlan talked about his time in Milano to The National in Abu Dhabi:

“When I was at Inter I agreed to play on the wing, but I did not like it.  I like to play as a striker or a second striker, just like I do with Suarez and Cavani for the national team.  Here is why Inter bought me:  They told me that they wanted a player who can score goals, just like I had done for my entire career.  Due to many changes, the squad that had won the Champions League the year before went into decline.  It was the first time in my career in which I endured a disappointing league campaign and injuries.  It was also the first time in which I played on the wing.  I was willing to play there because I wanted playing time.  I played well in some matches, but I would have done better as a striker.  Then the fans started to criticize me.  They were looking for excuses when the team did not win.  They also did not know that I was being played out of position.  They definitely expected me to play well and score lots of goal.  Then, I lost my place in the team.  If you are performing badly, then the coach will drop you.  Instead of continuing to play out of position, I told Claudio Ranier that I would rather wait for the opportunity to play in my real position.”


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