Roberto Mancini, before the usual press conference with reporters, stopped to talk to Inter Channel to answer questions from fans. The themes today are the rivalry with Zola, the qualities of a great team, the coaching references of Mancio and a comment on the first 100 days as Inter coach.

Twenty years ago you would have never imagined to confront Zola as a coach?
“It was impossible to think of being a coach, I did not think of it either. When you are young you only think of playing, it’s the most beautiful thing.”

In a team that can win the title, is it more important to have a quality midfield or a defense of granite?
“The defense is the foundation of the team, but there is also need for a very strong midfield and a decisive attack.”

Have you had any coach reference when you started coaching?
“I had Burgnich in Bologna when I made my debut, the bond with him is very nice. Then I had Bersellini, Boskov and Eriksson. Of these last two I carry with me great memories.”

One word to describe the first 100 days with Inter?
“It has been one hundred days have been exhausting but beautiful, if it takes is a commitment to give the best is a satisfaction, also seeing that the team improves.”