The Guardian: Former Inter Defender Cannavaro Given 10-Month Jail Sentence

February 25, 2015 21:07
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The news has recently broke that former Inter defender and Italy World Cup winner has been sentences to 10 months in prison for breaching an order to keep off one of his properties while it was seized by police.The player has been under investigation for tax evasion and in October authorities in Napoli seized 1M in goods and a 180,000M Euro yacht.

The player later failed to respect the courts decision after he was caught breaking the order to not enter the house as he and his wife were found swimming in the houses pool. His wife Daniela and his brother Paolo, who plays for Sassuolo, were also given sentences. However, all three decisions will be suspended due to appeal and whether or not the sentences are actually served will have to await the final judgement.

Source: The Guardian

By Joseph Postorino