Mourinho: “The Treble? The Greatest Feat of My Career”

February 27, 2015 02:08
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On a new channel “GazettaTV” Paul Condo met with a personality close to many Inter supporters hearts, Jose Mourinho. The full interview will air on television an excerpts of this will be on Here is a sample of the questions asked:

Was the treble the greatest feat of your career thus far?: “Yes, in modern football the treble is difficult. It may be one thing in Portugal but in Italy it is different.”

When you left Inter did you feel Italian football was moving downward?: No, I never though this. Every game was very hard. In England matches are difficult because there is an incredible mentality, but in Italy I had great incentives to prepare for the games. I faced teams prepared at a tactical level, with good coaches, organized through the defensive point of view. I always had great difficulty.”


By Joseph Postorino