Ausilio: “Touré and Jovetic? I don’t talk about them because…”

March 15, 2015 21:08
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A few minutes before the start of Inter-Cesena, Piero Ausilio spoke with Sky: “We have seen in the past that there are risks in these games, it is a Cesena hungry for points in the chase to avoid relegation but they will find an Inter that wants only the result in any way possible, even by playing less well but we want the result. For a moment we will forget the Europa League, we must immerse ourselves immediately in another competition without making calculations and think about one game at a time to the fullest extent. Now Inter-Cesena will be played, we are focused on doing well, the training reflects this logic, we must be focused and then in 4-5 days we’ll think about Wolfsburg.”

“Touré? I don’t speak of him, Mancini likes him, he knows him and he has talked about him in these terms, I, as sports director, don’t speak of him because he is a Manchester City player and I think Mancini has clarified without angering anyone. Jovetic? Even worse, because the coach has never trained him, but even in this case I’m not talking about players from other teams. He has been in Italy for many years and we have admired him at Fiorentina, he is an interesting player like many others and those that are ours.”


By Olof Svensson