Gallagher: “I miss Mancini. Mourinho? I hate him”

Gallagher: “I miss Mancini. Mourinho? I hate him”
March 16, 2015 19:12
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SkySport24 interviewed ex Oasis-singer Noel Gallagher who is a Manchester City fan and the artist talked about both Roberto Mancini and José Mourinho:

“Mancini? I miss him a bit. Pellegrini is a great guy, he won a title, but he is a bit boring. Mancini won as well, is a great guy, but has some charisma as well. He gets exited, he shouts, he fights. I miss him and if we could unite Pellegrini and Mancini that would be perfect. Mourinho? I hate him, he is a mad man. I think he is a very complicated person and that is the best thing I can say about him. I have a seven year old child that is more mature than Mourinho. I’d like to interview Mourinho to ask him: “Why are you such an idiot”.


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