Mancini to MP: “Whistling right, we are disappointed”

Mancini to MP: “Whistling right, we are disappointed”
March 20, 2015 00:11
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Inter’s European dream is over after another bitterly disappointing defeat to an impressive Wolfsburg team.

Here is what Roberto Mancini had to say when interviewed by Mediaset Premium pitchside after the game.

Boos and insults from the stands, what do you think?

“We are as disappointed as the fans. The whistles are right. We had good chances to score, but we also gave chances away and Wolfsburg took advantage.”

What was missing?

“It was a difficult game and we knew retrieving two goals wouldn’t be easy especially because we can never finish a match without conceding a goal. After Wolfsburg scored it became even more difficult to turn things round.”

Whose is to blame for the defensive errors?

“When you give goals away it is because you make mistakes. I believe that Wolfsburg are a great team right now but in two games we have conceded too much.”

“I probably haven’t been able to teach the boys what I want 100% but they are working hard and are giving everything they have to improve.”




By Editorial Staff