Fassone: “Mancini will stay with us”

Fassone: “Mancini will stay with us”
April 1, 2015 19:44
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Guest at a forum at the newsroom of TuttoSport, Marco Fassone, general manager of Inter, spoke of the present and future of the club: Here is an excerpt of the interview which will be on newsstands tomorrow:

What do you ask of the players during these last ten games?
“Great effort because Europe remains a fundamental objective, not only from the economic point of view but also because of image, prestige and experience that you still get in the Europa League. In these ten games there must be concentration and then we have to get the results to reach the minimum target of the season.”

The future of Mancini, his technical project continues?
“Roberto is essential for this project, is our motor: everyone in the club have focused on him so when I hear rumors of clauses or any divorces after this season it makes me smile. Roberto will stay with us, I hope for very long.”

What kind of transfer market will it be next summer?
“It will be very difficult, because it will be a transfer market in which we have to self finance. Ausilio will be working on the right arrangement of players on loan and co-owned, he must  work well with the outgoing and incoming transfers. It will be a transfer market that will allow us to create a team that is as close as possible to the wishes of the coach.”

Is the derby a chance to make the season finale less bitter?
“It has a special taste, it makes the week of the fan who won a little more calm. Facing Milan has an important meaning. I hope that it will be Inter this year.”

A temporary rating of this season?
“The most correct thing would be to wait with the judgment and not rate it: there are ten games remaining, I will give my rating at the end of the season. We’ll see if we reach the minimum target of Europa League, then we can give a full and reliable evaluation.”

Source: fcinternews.it

By Olof Svensson